Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Cold Stove Thursday Morning


Funny morning for me.  I'm actually not sure where to go for the leadoff spot today.   However, we have something really cool planned for tomorrow morning.   Major. 

In the meantime, some behind the scenes...I collect a lot of stuff that I hold for a rainy day, and when there isn't anything going on I play one of those cards.   So I could pull-up one of those (and I actually just moved up one article from tomorrow to later today) but in the winter meetings it just seems lame to lead-off with a "hey I found this Lee Mazzilli Kellogg's Card" on ebay.  $50

I really thought by now I'd be weighing in on the new Mets players.  Maybe today will be the day.   There's plenty of other places that handle hot stove way better than the MP ever could (I'm sure you're noticing Metsblog has been rocking it out, and by the way I love their new look).

So let me leave you with we'll have our normal course of events, the usual mix of "stuff", uniforms and caps, links, "5 Questions" etc....but tomorrow is a don't miss.

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