Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Coming Up This Week on Mets Police


Mrs. Mets Police is busting my chops but I just worked ahead on the blog...there's some really cool stuff coming up.

Tomorrow we'll start taking a look at some pictures taken by Jimmy the Mets Fan on his season ticket holder's tour.  It will take a few days to go through the tour...Tuesday is a cool visit to the clubhouse, and a really neat pool table, Wednesday will visit the trainer's room...and before the week is done we'll explain this photo.

Tomorrow I'll comment on "the letter" discussion Dan had with the Mets...and by the end of the week even David Howard will have to agree there's at least one obstructed view seat in Citi Field.

Tuesday we'll take a look at a very interesting comment Matt made on Metsblog as it relates to ticket prices.

Some good stuff, but right now I have to go put up the tree.  You try explaining to her what I'm doing on the computer.

Enjoy your night Mets fans.

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