Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Most Popular Articles On Mets Police (December 13)


I'm back from my trip and suffering through just an awful slate of NFL games...after this borefest of a Jets game Fox thinks anyone wants to watch Raiders-Redskins, and I know there's a ton of Dallas fans but every Cowboys game they've shown in NYC this season has been a snoosefest.   So it's a good rainy day to get back in the swing of things out in Flushing.

It was hard to be away from the site for even 48 hours, and I hope the generic stuff kept you company.  Welcome to all the new folks who have stopped by and I hope you stick around.  If you're a new fan I will answer every email ( and appreciate any leads or guest submissions.

I see the Mets have decided to go after Bay and not do anything with Lackey until that's settled.   Is there not enough money for two players, or can the execs only focus on one thing at a time?  Is it that Bay will help Ollie Perez win games 10-9, so we don't need a pitcher?   What happened to pitching and defense?

Teasers:  I plan to comment on the Mets' response to Dan's letter tomorrow, and I'll also comment on many of the emails that came in - some wondering why a question wasn't asked, and some asking further questions of the Mets Police.   Jimmy the Met fan sent over some pictures from his Citi Field tour, so we'll check those out this week - and I took some pictures of Wrigley Field in the winter where will comment sarcastically about their new-fangled statue technology.

The response from the Mets is a must read, and was our far and away #1 article this week, andwith that let's take a look at the other popular items from the week....

Dan's original letter is here.

Also mentioned in the letter were obstructed views.   I'm not talking about not being able to see the left fielder (which is a major topic) I'm talking about not being able to see anything.   Dave Howard click here to see videos of obstructed views or these pictures in the compilation of obstructed views at Citi Field

Bobby Bonilla will make $1 million dollars a year from the Mets from 2011-2035 according to this.  It probably actually makes sense on the balance sheet, but still...

There will be new Mets batting practice caps in 2010 and they might look like this.

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