Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Coming up this week on Mets Police


Here's what's in the works for the week, plus or minus some roster transactions.

On Christmas I will revisit the "Cool Mets Blogs" list.  If you would like to be on it send me a note at

We have some more "Share Your Shots", a multi-day tour of Wrigley Field in December (where they have "statue technology") and you subway nerds will like Day 4, some Milner stuff (tonight), some Seaver stuff, some Mazzilli stuff, some Shea stuff...

I expect a quiet week in Flushing, then again I didn't expect last week to be all that big and it was one of the biggest weeks ever.

If you're on twitter I'm @metspolice and here's a few lists you may enjoy: which is a bunch of beat writers with good info. should be self-explanatory
as should

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