Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Most popular articles on Mets Police (December 20th)


Another big week for the blog, thanks to you if you're a relatively new reader or a long-term reader, and my continued thanks to anyone who links.   This was a surprisingly heavy week for visits.  As is the usual Sunday tradition, here's the most popular articles from the previous week, with some lesser-read articles that deserved better, and a list of the always popular.

Jimmy went on a tour of Citi Field and took some pics...
Part 1:  some basics including the new orange paintjob on the stairwells.
Part 4:  leftovers

The Blue Cap Army is an interesting mix of support and naysayers.

Dan thinks the Mets should consider trading Santana.   I think that's crazy and would give the town to the Yankees.

If you'd like to Share Your Shots email Mets related pictures to

Heres some new photos of Yankee Stadium dying a slow sad death

New fake Yankee Stadium sure looks a lot like New Twins stadium whatever that's called.

Fenway looks cool in hockey mode

Yes Virginia, there is an obstructed view.

The Bisons are on our naughty list.  We'll be watching you.

Your ticket renewal is now overdue, and here's a scary letter.

Bobby Bonilla will make $1 million dollars a year from the Mets from 2011-2035 according to this.  It probably actually makes sense on the balance sheet, but still...

Always popular:

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