Sunday, December 20, 2009

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The controversial Blue Cap Army

You know what's fascinating about blogging?   Of all the crazy things I throw out there, the one that is getting the biggest discussion is the Blue Cap Army.   Some get it, some are making me out to be M. Donald Grant.  Either way I don't care, as long as we're all passionaltely talking about our team.

The idea:  regular readers can skip this paragraph.   I sense you are frustrated.  I created the Blue Cap Army to help us all focus that frustration.  I don't want to start a fan boycott or walkout.  Those don't work.  The idea is simple.  When you attend a game, wear a blue Mets cap.

Critique #1:  everyone already wears a blue cap to Mets games.

On the left is a Cardinals game.  What color do you see?

Now, here's some fans getting a shake.  Does any color stand out?

How about this shot from Shea? Looks like the 7th inning stretch, maybe it's during the anthem and people are holding their caps.  I don't see much blue.

Critique #2.  I'm just going to take credit for something people are already doing.  Nope.   I am going to take credit when Dave Howard is honest about the plexiglass, but not that people are wearing blue.

Critique #3.  How does buying a Mets cap hurt the Mets?  I don't want to hurt the Mets.  Hopefully you already own a blue cap.  If you don't, consider buying one.  My blog is here to create change for the good, not to hurt something I love.

Critique #4.   I just hate the black uniforms and am using this to aid my cause.   It would aidmy cause, I do not deny it.   I'm just trying to take the anti-black mood and tried to focus all fan frustration at it.

Critique #5.  Do you really think the Mets will care?  Nope.  Not at all.  However, to all this I ask you - what's the harm?  Join the Blue Cap Army and be part of the community.  

In the end, it's just an idea.  I'm going to wear mine.  If I'm the only one there in a blue cap, so be it.

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