Friday, December 18, 2009

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Cool Photos of Fenway Park in hockey mode (and other Mets stuff)


Check out this photo gallery of Fenway in hockey mode.

Cough Rangers cough Citi.

In other news....

...I should correctly scold MLB and not the Mets for not allowing anyone to embed video.  I really understand their keeping of highlights exclusive to, but a coat drive?  The league may want to liberalize their policies.

...I can't remember if I thanked Uni Watch for mentioning the Blue Cap Army.   Some folks are asking if I plan to be jerky and take credit for anyone who wears a blue cap to a Mets game.  Nope.  I understand that some people wear blue caps.  I'd like to (a) see a majority of fans wear a blue cap and (b) use the Blue Cap Army to focus frustration and demonstrate unity of fandom rather than someone try to do a 6th inning walkout or something.  Plus I'm enjoying "bragging" about the size of the army which is rapidly approaching ten members,\.

Thanks to those who have been sending in pictures for Share Your Shots.  Over the weekend I should have some time to process them (darn real job) and I'll start a series where we check out each other's Mets related photos.  Anything goes - you at a game, players, views obstructed or not, Shea, Citi, Polo...anything.  Send to

Was talking with Osh41 about Game 6.   Y'all realize if Carter flies out we are going on 40+ years.  That's a really scary thought.

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2 Responses to "Cool Photos of Fenway Park in hockey mode (and other Mets stuff)"
Dan said :
December 18, 2009 at 6:37 PM
Rangers-Islanders at Citi would be perfect, no? And maybe someday Devils-Rangers at the new Meadowlands football stadium?
December 19, 2009 at 8:54 AM
Unfortunately the NHL would never do that matchup for their marquee national game.

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