Friday, December 18, 2009

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Five Questions For An Average Mets Fan (Fan #62)

Today's average Mets fan is Kevin.

1. I started following in '68 in a cursory way because my older brother was a fan  (I was 7), but truly, I started following them daily in '69.

2. Favorite memory?  On a Friday night in late September '73, sitting directly behind home plate, in the last row of the upper deck when the Mets beat the Pirates to take over 1st place.  My friend and I started chanting we're No 1! and pretty soon the whole stadium was chanting.  Did we REALLY start the chant?  I don't know, but that's my memory

3. IWorst memory?   was in the stands when Pendleton hit the home run in '87.  That's it.

4. If you could change one thing off-field?   The drafting, developing and showing patience with young talent.  That includes paying above slot in the drafts. Prospects often become players, not just chips to trade away.

5. IIf you owned the team?  I'd look at other team's farm systems, figure out who is doing it best, and try to steal away their people to run our minor league system.  That's where it starts.

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