Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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David Wright isn't going anywhere, come on.

Oh man the internet is fun.  I'm half-asleep this morning on that first cup of coffee and I see a bunch of 'David Wright to Red Sox?" type items on twitter (I'm @metspolice).

Seems that this guy wrote one sentence in the Globe.   Here's the sentence:

1. Seems like David Wright is no longer a great fit for the Mets (because of Citi Field), but he would be for the Red Sox (because of Fenway)

That's nice.  It even makes sense.  Sure David Wright banging balls off the green monster is a good idea.  Peyton Manning would be a great QB for the Browns next season.   Now let me tell you why I think Jose Reyes will be the first man on 26 years old he is just coming into his prime.  His natural athletic ability suggests he'll more easily adapt to a long-term space mission than you or with the Mars mission being at least 15 years away he can finish ou his Mets career before focusing on NASA in his 40's.

Can you imagine what would happen if the Mets announced Wright were traded?  I'll even give you a Seaver can have John Lackey, Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury and two prospects. 

Actually if the Red Sox called with that you'd have to look at it wouldn't you?  Ha!

Anyway, all this is for a 3am call to WFAN.   

I find myself in a weird place this brain thinks that Reyes/Wright/Bay/Beltran/Francoeur/a decent Castillo can carry Murphy and the catcher.   Then again me, you and Sports Illustrated had the Mets winning the 2009 World Series.  It all comes down to pitching.

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