Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Interesting Reyes story in the Times

I am uneducated on this subject, but my spidey sense thinks this we haven't heard the last of it.  For clarity, I am in no way suggesting that Reyes did anything wrong or should be on any list of point is that there's a budding story involving name-athletes and Jose Reyes is now appearing in a headline, thus I can see an awkward Omar Minaya press conference within a week.  Read the Times for a far better explanation of the story than I could ever do.

The first sentence in the Times snippet is more alarmist than the rest of the story...again I'm not accusing Reyes of being on anything...and I'm being serious (not my usual catty self).  

Published: December 16, 2009
Shortstop Jose Reyes traveled to Toronto last summer to be treated by Dr. Anthony Galea, who is being examined by authorities regarding distribution of performance-enhancing drugs.

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