Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Is Jeff Francoeur calling on behalf of the Mets ticket office?


This is unconfirmed and once again I'll remind all that this is just a
fanblog with an ear to the ground.

Mo sent me an email saying that one Mets fan decided not to renew his
28 season tickets. As the story goes, the phone rang and it was
Francouer on the other end. After some chatting the fan renewed 20 of
the seats for "a discount.".

If there's any other stories like this out in the wild please send
them in. Coincidentally, Francoeur is hosting a live chat at 11am on
today, and yesterday I saw some mention of Francoeur asking the fans
not to be so negative.

I'll hunt around and see if I can find out more, and thanks to Mo and
others who send things in. We have a nice community forming around
these parts.

I'll have some details from Ben's phone call from the Mets on a little
bit, and we're in the trainers room with Jimmy (pictures) before 11am.

UPDATE: not sure if a discount applied.  Still looking into it.

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