Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Omar's selling what?


From Brian Costa in the Star-Ledger, quoting Omar Minaya:

Guys want to go to situations where they feel that they have a good
chance to win. We know that, okay? I think what we sell here, we
sell the beautiful ballpark, we sell a great city. You're right. We
did not win this year. But in the past year's we've won and we've been
a competitve team.


Let's start with winning. I define it differently than the team in
Flushing. The Mets last won in 1986. Even under a looser definition
the Mets last won in 2006. So don't sell me on winning.

Hey big free agent, is isn't Citi Field beautiful? Sure I know
you're worried that your power numbers will dip by two-thirds but
think of the Broadway shows, besides here's some new statistical
evidence that Citi Field doesn't cost you home runs even though anyone
with eyes can see that it does or could just look up David Wright's

Check out Costa's piece if you want yo be depressed.

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