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Mets Police Decade In Review: The curse of Bob Murphy

I'm looking back at some of my favorite posts, here's one that suggests that without Murph there can be no happy recaps.   From 2/24/09 it's The Curse of Bob Murphy

I was watching highlights of the 2000 World Series last night and a few things came to mind.

1.  I have no attachment to that team or the players on it whatsoever.  I know this is controversial especially for a Mets fan, but that team just lacks something.  It's hard for me to get excited about Al Leiter and Todd Pratt.  Sorry, that's how I feel.

2.  It's funny to hear everyone talk about how historic that World Series will be, and how people will be "talking about this one in 40 years."  Somehow I don't think so.  It's kind of a forgetful one to be honest.  Sort of like the 1973 World Series - you tend to think of the season more than getting beaten by the A's.

3.  The black uniforms with black hats are so so so horrible.   It looks like a softball team showed up.  What were the Mets thinking?

4.  There's one significant Met who I think was on steroids.  I floated this once before but I know if I voice the name I will be lynched.  Deep down you know who it is, don't you?

5.  John Franco.  Why is he in camp?  Is he there to teach K-Rod and Putz how to shut down a team 1-2-3-4-5?  You know, sprinkle in a double and a walk just to keep it interesting?

6.  Bob Murphy.  Wow Murph was good.  I've kind of gotten used to Howie (he who sees 40,000 in the stands when there is clearly not) and all the Gary Cohen imitators they have trotted in and out - but Murph was so much better, which leads us to...


With no Murph there can be no happy recaps.   The ending must always be a disaster since Murphy isn't there to happily recap it.  How could the Mets have gotten into the playoffs on September 28th without Bob to tell us about it.   No, the team is destined to have Howie Rose express disappointment.

How can the Mets solve this?  I don't have any ideas.   A Murph-bot?   Have the production guys whip up a "The Happy Recap" intro for Mets Extra?  Get rid of Willie?  Oh wait they did that last one - I'm pretty sure that's what the curse was all along.

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1 Response to "Mets Police Decade In Review: The curse of Bob Murphy"
Ceetar said :
December 30, 2009 at 11:18 AM
Getting rid of Manuel would help.

How about Daniel drives in the game-winning run to win the world series? The headlines the next day (except for the post, which will be about the Yankees) could read "Murph gives Mets a Happy Recap"

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