Monday, December 21, 2009

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Seemingly cool Phillies book

As I have mentioned before, I have a 15 games Phillies pack because I'm a capitalist.   I am therefore on their mailing list, and I just got an email with a title something like "discount for ticket holders."  I opened it up to mick it, because that's what I would do if the Mets sent out something similar, but I was surprised at the offer:

As a Phillies season ticket holder, we are pleased to offer you an exclusive 20% discount for an exciting new publication, Phillies: An Extraordinary Tradition. We are currently accepting pre-orders for this book which will be released in May of 2010.

A brief description of the book is below:

Phillies: An Extraordinary Tradition is a celebration of over 125 years of Phillies baseball. This commemorative book provides a window through time, showcasing the Phillies' historic faces and places that comprise their legacy, including the team's origin and its founding father; Philadelphia's historic ballparks, from the classic Baker Bowl to the incomparable Citizens Bank Park; induction speeches of Phillies Hall of Famers; and the recent triumphs that established the Phillies as a perennial World Series contender. More than 400 photos and rare pieces of Phillies memorabilia, such as Harry Kalas's scorebook, the scouting report on Jimmy Rollins, and Greg Luzinski's first contract, provide a fascinating look inside the Phillies clubhouse.

This would be a cool idea for any franchises approaching the 50 season mark.  The Phillies version is $50 in case you are curious.
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