Wednesday, December 09, 2009

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Wally Backman Interview (Audio)

Scott sent this over..a radio interview with Wally Backman.   Interesting to me that Wally thinks his strength is handling a pitching staff.   Imagine if the manager of the Mets were an '86 Met, who was feisty, and could handle pitchers. That would be fun.

That being said, since I do want the Mets to win (while not dressed like a softball team) I hope Jerry Manuel is about to run off 15 straight World Series championships...and don't forget Mets fans, even if he does - Yankee fans will still hit us with 27-17, so don't obsess over them.

Listen to Wally, "I want to win another World Championship."  He didn't use the word caliber.  Win. It. All.

Here's the download of the Backman audio. 

Updated:  got a nice note from the radio host Jake Stevens who shares:

The station is ESPN1230 in Bakersfield, CA, and my official webpage is  Thanks again and hope you enjoy the interview and keep up the great work.   

Thanks for the cool interview with Wally!

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