Tuesday, December 08, 2009

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How To Cure Fred Of The Dodgers Crush


I guess this was "known" but it was news to me that Billy Crystal owns a piece of the Diamondbacks.  I believe that he still does.   Yet he was able to suit up for the Yankees in an actual spring training game in 2008 as a birthday present.   He actually batted in a game.  A spring training game but he played.

Can't the Dodgers let Fred be a Dodger for one at bat in a split squad game?   Maybe even make it a throwback split-squad game and wear B hats.  You've worn them before.  (Of course they didn't wear them the first time the Mets hosted  the Mets on Jackie Robinson Day because why would you wear the Brooklyn throwbacks on Robinson Day while playing in NYC?)

Come on Dodgers, let Fred live his dream.  One at bat.  Do it in a game against the Mets.  We'll ask Frankie to groove one or walk him, whatever you want.

Let him be a Dodger for a day so he can finally become a Met like the rest of us.

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