Tuesday, December 08, 2009

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The Phillies Aren't Phooling Around

So as I mentioned recently, I own and renewed Phillies tickets (here's why) and the other day my cellphone rang, and I got a robocall from whoever the Phillies GM is.

He let me know that Phillies fans deserve another World Championship.  He did not say that he was out to put a "championship caliber" team on the field (which is a phrase that Jeff Wilpon uses, and to be fair Brian Cashman used last offseason).

To me there's a difference.  It's the difference between rolling out 9 guys you hope are healthier and can have career years versus spending some money and getting some big players.

The Phillies drew 3.6 million last year, averaged 44,000 in their park which is also new, and their cable partner is Comcast who wants to go after ESPN in both local sports websites and with Vs.  The Phillies aren't going anywhere, and Philadelphia is not Miami.   These Phillies could be our Boston for quite some time.

I'm going to bed, let me know how the Flushing hunt for low-budget players is coming.

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1 Response to "The Phillies Aren't Phooling Around"
kjs said :
December 9, 2009 at 12:52 AM
I think, Shannon, it's more they'll be our Atlanta for a long time. Or Atlanta will be our Philadelphia for a long time. Or Florida will be our Atlanta and Philadelphia for a long time. Or the Gnats will be our Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Florida for a long time.
The Boston analogy doesn't work because they got to rub it into the Yankees faces for two years, developed a national fan base, and play in a revered stadium.
We've won crap since 1986; our organization is run by madmen; and we play in a ballpark that is so flawed and so full of hubris and avarice it is beyond description.
Mets fans deserve better than this.

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