Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Wrigley Field In December (Part 3)

If you're a regular you know I like to check out the merch, and this week we're walking around Wrigley in December.  I went across the street to one of many stores...I kinda like this shirt, not that I'm going to buy any Cubs shirts.  I like the 1876 thing.  If there are any franchises about to turn 50 you might want to consider this sort of thing IN BLUE.

Did you ever ask yourself, what if Charlie Samuels introduced black as a primary Cubs color?   I haven't...but I do like the bear logo.

Some more shirts.  Nothing grabbing me, but I like bears.

Every team makes mistakes, and here's one.  In case a cute bear isn't good enough for your daughter, you could always get her this.

I took this picture to mock the cap...but as I'm posting it, that row of jerseys looks pretty cool.  Blue with pinstripes, huh?   Interesting.

Tomorrow we take the subway or the El or whatever they call it.

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