Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Your comments about "The Letter"


Still catching up about Dan's letter and the response from the Mets.  There's a bunch of comments on that thread, but I know many readers just look at the main page, so I thought I'd grab and post a few here.

Brian says he also got a call back from the Mets:
Had a similar conversation with the Mets regarding uniforms. Their Senior VP of Marketing contacted me and talked to me for 20 minutes about the team's on-field aesthetic after I sent an email complaining about black being included in the team's "throwback" uniforms

Ceetar thinks we're overreacting to the Mets communication style:
Does Burger king explain why they change a menu item? Does the MTA make explanations about which ad campaigns they run or which entrances they want to keep open 24/7?

Well I bet if they changed the Whopper (and added black undershadow) people would complain.  Here's an entire forum.   

Bplam suggests:

Another idea for the season holder is allowing access to certain parts of the stadium with a special pass. Currently I know you can't get into the Acela Club or any of the good restaurants unless you have a certain level ticket. My idea would be giving each plan holder a pass for each seat they have bought and that gives them access to these restaurants and clubs.

I'll leave you with Jim's comments, which I think fits the mood of many fans this morning.

Great job at getting a response, but it sounds like most of it was corporate-speak...."That is a problem, we are aware of it"

And props to you for standing your ground and not renewing. Wellington Mara said it best, "Empty seats speak volumes"

Someday, the Mets will learn. 

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1 Response to "Your comments about "The Letter""
Ceetar said :
December 15, 2009 at 10:13 PM
The thing is, there won't be empty seats. Every year fans say they won't renew, and many don't. However, just as many end up buying plans, or individual games, once the season starts.

I was exaggerating. the Mets do need to do more. The problem is it's New York, the demand is high (it is, and will be, when they're 30-20 after 50 games and playing well) and the park, prices, and amenities are better here than the other park in town. So while there plans as currently set up are not really that good, they're still going to sell plenty of them, and plenty of other seats anyway. Same with the uniforms/dropshadow. Just because a vocal few don't like it, doesn't motivate the Mets to change anything because people buy and enjoy them.

And yes, people will complain about anything. Doesn't necessarily mean it's warranted. Look at how many "Waaaah, change it back!" groups get formed every time facebook changes anything. I'm sure Mets fans would complain about the parade causing traffic, that Reyes was jumping up and down too much..etc.

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