Saturday, January 23, 2010

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Dinged Corners: 1983 Topps Mets baseball cards

If you're new to Mets Police, on Saturday morning I often post old baseball cards so I can relive my youth.  I'm trying to stay focused on fan advocacy stuff, but with the coffee and donuts on a Saturday morning, I like to take a look back.   Today, it's a visit to  Dinged Corners: 1983 Topps Mets baseball cards

The shape of the ballplayer sure has changed.  Rusty Staub was known for being "fat" at the end of his career.  Not in this picture.  Let's put him side by side with a McGwire.  Rusty would look like a little kid.

I once sat next to Rusty at a concert.  He had the two hottest chicks ever with him and the man was not fat.  Go Rusty!  Seriously, those were some nice looking friends he had.

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