Tuesday, January 05, 2010

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Idea for Mets: Saturday Seven Ticket Packs

Good morning, should be an active day in Flushing as we wait for Jason Bay to tell us how much he wants to be here.   In the meantime, as always I'm here to help the Mets, today I bring another wacky idea for consideration.  I floated this one on twitter last week (@metspolice)

Mets, I suspect you are disappointed in the advance sales, and you've lost lots of folks from the 15 game pack.  Today is a day when people will be excited about your team and you will have the media's attention.  Hopefully one of the first things you do when you get to the office is read Mets Police, so I'm posting this one at the crack of dawn to help you.  Someone should figure out between now and 11 how to do this.

Here's my suggestion...I'm trying to be realistic based upon that it's easier to sell mid-summer games, and that Craig Marino said discounts don't make sense.

I propose the Mets announce the following.   Saturday Seven Packs.   Sell the seats in Promenade Left and make it a "thing" - make that area where the diehards sit, even if we're cheap.

Package the following:

April 10th vs Washington
May 8th vs SF
June 5th vs Florida
July 10th vs Atlanta
August 28th vs Arizona
September 18th vs Atlanta
October 2nd vs Washington

One game a month.   Keep the fans coming out.   Honestly I can't be bothered to compute the ticket prices because I'll have to look up all seven games instead of just multiplying 7 by $15.   Let's say it's about a $100-150ish package.

7 Saturdays, one hundred(ish) bucks.

However, we're not dopes...why should we lock in our money without something extra?  Here's why.  Throw in a t-shirt, a cap, whatever is inexpensive for you to make.  If it has a corporate sponsor logo on the premium, fine whatever I get it.

Heck you might want to even steal the Blue Cap Army idea....take it, it's yours.

Blue Cap Army Seven Pack.   7 Saturday games and a blue Mets cap (with a corporate sponsor on the side).  $100-150ish.

Promenade Left.  Hang a Blue Cap Army sign to designate the section.  Make it a "thing."  Engage the fans.   Start a tradition.

Have Mr. Met join us for the top of the first...we could start our own version of roll-call, but in our version we'll leave out the left fielder because we can't see him (sorry Jason).  Quirky but fun for fun's sake.   Sure theYankee fans will say we stole it but we stole Casey and pinstripes too so who cares.

Maybe your sponsor is Pepsi and they put blue caps on the bottles.  (Then I make fun of you when the vendors keep the cap, but we'll do that later on, right now let;'s just get 7 plans).  Maybe if I show up on a Tuesday with 10 bottlecaps I get in for free or for fuve bucks or whatever...like the old Shea picnic area when Dallas Green was the manager and an empty can of soda got me in for free.

Seven game packs make a ton of sense to me, but I'm just a dopey blogger.  Let's ask some fans...would y'all buy this?

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5 Responses to "Idea for Mets: Saturday Seven Ticket Packs"
January 5, 2010 at 8:07 AM
Your idea makes far too much sense, so I doubt it will ever happen.
Ceetar said :
January 5, 2010 at 9:13 AM
You do know they let you keep the bottle caps at Citi right?

7 game packs _do_ make sense, that's why they had them up until 2009. If they have trouble with ticket sales (which I doubt), i'm sure they'll introduce them again. Unfortunately, I doubt they just do it for the fun of it.

I'd rather not sit in that section (especially in April when it's the coldest area) And where's the draw? Why those games? Maybe some people like planning in advance and having the same seats, but i'm hoping the whole stadium is going to be rowdy/excited for a game, and if i'm gonna buy 7 games, those probably wouldn't be my first choice.

I think the Mets (And again, they won't because they sell tickets well enough) should offer roaming 6-7 game packs. Give a t-shirt, a cap, a very slight discount, or something like you suggest to reward the 'average' fan that's committing the money for 7 games in advance. Encourage the fan that might go to 4-5 games a year to just settle down and commit to this slightly larger package (which is probably what the point was at Shea as well)

Oh, and I'd be okay with stealing the Roll Call just to piss Mike Francesa off. (I remember him screaming about it in 2000 or so, that a couple of fans had started doing it) Pinstripes are hardly exclusively Yankees either.

(I _always_ have to click post comment twice btw)
January 5, 2010 at 9:25 AM
I didn't know that about the caps. Good. as for comments glitch, hmmm hadn't heard that one. I'm going to move to Wordpress at some point when I get more familiar with it. I don't want to migrate until i know what I'm doing.
Dan said :
January 5, 2010 at 10:22 AM
I'd do this, but I might even take it one step further: 7-Game FLEX Packs. A lot of teams do this (sure, they may be small-market teams, but the Mets played like a small-market team last year). They could put a requirement or two on them (like maybe we have to choose one weekday/weeknight game, or we can't choose more than one of certain series -- Phillies, Yankees, whoever), but let us choose which seven games we want to attend.
Ceetar said :
January 5, 2010 at 11:03 AM
Good call. I actually despite the posting system here. (I prefer one where I can actively link to my blog with my name, rather than my blogger profile that sorta links to my pre-domained site)


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