Monday, January 11, 2010

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McGwire and Costas

I can't believe a thing Mark McGwire says.   I started out feeling bad for the guy, always hard to see a grown man cry, but as it went on I got angrier and angrier.  

Good job, as always, by Costas.  Bob at times seemed like he was thinking "are you really going to sit here and say this stuff?"

First, let me say for not the first time that there are a lot of people who are either hypocrites or fools.  Fox, Joe Buck, Sports Illustrated, and most everyone else who covered babseball in '98 made this guy out to be a hero.   Maybe they didn't know, but wow you had to be an idiot if you didn't think he was on something.  

I love when Costas quotes that 1985-94 there were 21 40+ home run seasons in baseball, from 95-2003 there were 104.   Costas brought this stuff up at the time, he brought it up in his book, and he's one of the few that didn't have his head in the sand at the time.

For people to not vote for a guy with 583 home runs into the Hall, it's phony.  You knew.  Where were the columns at the time?  Everyone wanted to write books with titles like "Summer of '98" and "The Perfect Season: Why 1998 Was Baseball's Greatest Year"   Don't get righteous now that there's no more money to be made off that season.

Some other day we can get into what we want our heroes to look like - whether we like two smiling guys playing in midwest towns, or a surly man who didn't want to play the media's game.

Some stuff I jotted down while watching:

McGwire is sticking to the language about his God given gift of home runs, and "for injuries" (aka the Pettitte defense).

At one point McGwire went on and on about how people are still talking about his little league home runs.  I don't know how Costas didn't just get up and leave.

Costas asked McGwire if he thinks he'd hit 70 homers without steroids:  "I truly believe so"

"It was the era that we played in."  The Bud Selig era.  I will not be surprised when the day comes and someone has some evidence that proves beyond a doubt that Selig knew.

"I didn't want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger"  - hilarious.

Costas asked him if the timing has anything to do with the statute of limitations now having expired.  McGwire says no.  Come on dude.  Please.

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