Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Mets Jerseys with Osh41 (Part 2)

Another lesson on Mets jerseys from Osh41:

In 1974 the Mets removed the 'New York' from the front of the road jersey.  What they went with looks very much like the 'snow whites' that are part of the home jersey rotation now (minus the black - of course).


Why the Mets removed the 'New York' from the road fronts is a mystery, they looked awesome.  At any rate this is a clean look, although not as cool or as classy as having New York spelled out.  And guess what is doesn't have on it??  That's right - BLACK.  Don't get me started.


If you are a jersey aficionado, i.e a jersey dork like me, you'll notice the number font style that was in place on road jerseys from 1962 - 1973 has changed.  What was cool about Mets jerseys from 62-77 was that the road and home jerseys had difference font styles for the numbers.  Starting in 1978 with the intro of the pullover 2 button style - the subject of a future post - the numbers were consistent on both the home and road jerseys.

For more from Osh41 on jerseys read here.

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