Monday, January 11, 2010

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Touring Mets History In The Citi Field Suites (Part 1)

Dear Mr. Howard, Mr. Wilpon and whoever else I take shots at.  I apologize.  I was wrong.  There has been in fact plenty of Mets history at Citi Field all along, and here are the pictures to prove it.

I'm just a small brained blogger, so when I walked in and saw a tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers, in a stadium built to resemble the Dodgers' stadium....

...I assumed you didn't love the Mets. Of course you do, and you keep the Mets history close to your hearts and skybox.

These shots are another great hookup from Peter.  More tomorrow.

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1 Response to "Touring Mets History In The Citi Field Suites (Part 1)"
January 11, 2010 at 8:36 AM
Having been lucky enough to have visited the suite level this year, I have seen these framed giant cards, and actually noticed something worthy of our respect. I noticed the Topps cards that line the level have different Mets depicted; no Met is featured twice. What caught my attention as I passed cards I recognized from my childhood is that the series of cards follows the Topps order by year. Meaning the picture of Darryl above is from Topps '84; next to him would be a picture of a Topps '83 card (maybe Rusty Staub) and on the other side would be a Topps' 85 card (like, say, Gooden). The attention to detail here is excellent - the combination of the Topps' series in order and no duplicating a player actually makes it an example of an excellent idea and execution. Of course, the lone criticism - this great sight is limited to people on the suite level. Sigh.

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