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Mets Police Decade In Review: How to "Mets up" Citi Field

Mets Police is here to help not hurt.  From the archives, May 2009 and a suggestion to borrow some ideas from Yankee Stadium.  At least they did the banners...and I've since learned that the Mets have done the baseball cards thing, but it's on the club level.

Some more photos from my trip to Yankee Stadium on Saturday.   I think the photos speak for themselves as for ideas the Mets could copy to make Citi Field seem more Mets Field than like a ballpark the Mariners could move into next weekend.

These first two pictures are the "holograms" that I heard of on my first visit.  Depending on your angle, they could look like this...

..or like this.

Regardless, the Mets could learn from the Yankees and put up some pictures of their more popular former players.

I'm not going to tell the Wilpons who these players are any more unless they start paying me a consultants fee.

Another way to decorate walls is like this.   This is over by the Yankees Museum (imagine that, a room that honors the team that plays in the stadium).

I like this baseball card design.   To the left of Yogi is Gehrig, and to his left Ruth.   The person cut off on the right is Mattingly.

You'll find this right by the museum.

This next photo is taken from across the River Avenue in the "old" garage, which is why its obstructed by a screen.  I mean its not obstructed, it's part of the design of the lot, but I digress.

On the outside of Yankee Stadium they have photos of the current players.  I didn't notice until I was leaving.

This next picture shows the entrance to something called a museum.   There you can honor the great players and moments from the team's history.

Not the history of a team that bolted town fifty years ago, but the actual team you root for.  Neat idea!

The Yankees have placed Thurman Munson's locker in that museum.  What fools, don't they know how much artifacts go for in auctions?!

Update January 2010:   What's interesting is that I've since learned that the Mets actually do have things like this.   However, they are in the suite level.

Starting Monday we'll walk down this hallway and see what the rich people get to enjoy.

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