Thursday, January 07, 2010

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Today's Mets ticket office anecdote


I'm sure many of you got today's mass-email from the Mets selling tickets, and as mentioned this morning the 15 game plans are on sale to anyone.

One reader has been trying to upgrade his tickets to a better location.  Let me repeat,

In December they told him he'd have to wait until after the deadline.  That makes sense I guess.  Well the deadline passed and he had to call the Mets.  Shouldn't they be pouncing on this guy?

On today's call he was told the Mets have...not sure how to phrase this...basically if you didn't renew your 15er, your name is no longer linked to those seats.  Again, fair and makes sense.  They gave us two chances and we thumbed our noses, and now they are and should be trying to sell to others.

Back to the one dude who actually wants tickets.  Wants to spend MORE money.

He was told to wait until Wednesday.  Today is Thursday where I live.  6 days?

Customer asked how many people are hounding the Mets for upgrades?  Rep chuckled and said "not many."

Why make this guy wait?  Why? Why? Why?

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2 Responses to "Today's Mets ticket office anecdote"
Ed Ryan said :
January 7, 2010 at 3:47 PM

I have a 15 day ticket plan,the orginal deadline was Dec. 18th. I called to say that I wanted to move my seats within the same price range but to a better view and gave them the location ( 528 to 524). They said I needed to take advantage of the on-line partial renew plan and that my name would be placed on a list in the order I renewed. They explained to me that the section I was looking to move into was sold out last year and I needed to wait until they had a renewal totals in,seasons ticket holders, then partial season holders and then 15 day holders had preference.

I made my partial payment and after not hearing from them since the deadline past I called them today. They stated they were currently going through the process of counting non renewals on season tickets, moving 40 game plan requests and 15 day plans on the list who renewed would be getting calls next week. They had my request and stated basically that I would probably get my request based on availability and when I renewed.

They were very helpful, polite and stated everything very clearly.
January 7, 2010 at 5:21 PM
I posted my story (not dissimilar) here:

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