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Mets Police Decade In Review: New traditions

This week I'm looking back at some of my favorite posts - this from February of 2009 with some suggestions for New Traditions for a new stadium.  So far I'm 1 for 15 (Seaver) but I think the Castillo thing will stick.  Who knew he'd drop a popup?

New digs, let's start some new traditions (and bring back some old ones).

I offer the following to the Wilpons and invite you to add suggestions.

1.  Bring Back Oldtimers Day.   Our '86 heroes are in their 50's now.  Have them play those 2000 Subway Series guys, and have the 69ers and 73ers come and wave.  Sprinkle in some Youngblood and Stearns action and you have something.  Think the Shea closing ceremony with a game and without a depressing loss beforehand.  The Mets might also want to add 40 to 1969 and see what number they get.

2.  Banner Day.  An actual unique Mets tradition.  Bring it back.  If you don't want to have a doubleheader just do it at noon some Sunday, maybe even on a Mr. Mets dash day.   Just make sure ESPN keeps their hands off (no 8:05 starts).

3.  Rusty's Ribs.  Enough with the designer Pop Frites stands.  Rip off the Orioles and have Rusty cook up some ribs.

4.  Meet Me At The Apple.   There was never any cool place to meet at Shea.  Meet me at the Apple.  The real one not the phony shiny new one.

5.  Seaver Always Throws Out Opening Day.   Don't mess around.  Pay G.T.S. the money.   Tom should be at every opening day until he dies, then Keith gets the tradition.

6.   Hang a 17 on the fence.

7.  Wear Pinstripes and blue hats six days a week.  Wear whatever they want to sell on Sundays.

8.  Bullpen cars with cap-tops.  Even if they are never used, have the bullpen cars.  They were cute and kids like them.

9.  The new sign man.    But not a shill-job.  Pick one of the honest bloggers out there and let them have the job.

10.  No wave.  Let's just collectively decide we don't do the wave.

11.  Organ music.   Real organ music.  Less techno-pop and loud rock songs.  Live organ music.

12.  The traditional Take Me Out To The Ballgame recording.  The one from the guy that was the PA announcer in the 80's.

13.  The Curly Shuffle.  This stopped because the curly folks wanted to be paid.  Just pay them.  It can't cost any more than Enter Sandman did.  Just play it.

14.  Lady met returns.

15.  The traditional booing of Luis Castillo.  Inspired by commenter Thomas....after I booed Castillo on Wed for going oh for one, he then knocked in 4 runs.  We Met fans will boo him during his first at bat, all season long as he wins the MVP and the Mets win a ring.  It will be our version of roll call.   For years when Luis shows up at Old Timers Day we shall boo him.

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