Wednesday, January 06, 2010

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Mets tickets Underpriced? Another ticket office story

Do/did the Mets think their tickets are underpriced?

As always I remind everyone that this ain't 60 Minutes but so far even the Mets have agreed with us on the previous anecdotes.  Scott wrote me the following, and I have no reason not to believe him.  I have deleted the employee's name and Scott's seat location.  Scott sent this before lunch yesterday (Bay day, so I held onto it).

I just got a call back from (employee) at the Mets ticket office after the deadline (I guess they didn't sell my seats in 52x row XX yet). Though I appreciate her call and effort, when I told her that the tickets were extremely overpriced last year, she actually told me that management felt they were UNDER priced and could have been higher after doing their market research, which is why we didn't see a truly significant drop this year.  They dropped the seats they determined were overpriced.  My response... well I know they're going to have a hard time selling the tickets this year, so obviously they were overpriced, so I'm not about to debate that with you, but I do appreciate the call.  

Scott added in a second email that the rep asked if there was anything to be done to keep his business, but no offers were made.

Interesting stuff.

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1 Response to "Mets tickets Underpriced? Another ticket office story"
Ceetar said :
January 6, 2010 at 12:23 PM
Honestly, I don't know if I'd say 'underpriced' but they're certain fair. They're on par with many stadiums around the country (excepting the supply/demand gouging for the Yankees/Gold games)

It's probably the cheapest, by far, ticket to a major sporting event in NYC. Yankee bleachers are similar, but they're bleachers. It's even on par with Phillies cheap seats (and better in my opinion, but I've never liked that park. Of course, Phillies differential between cheap/expensive seats are not much. Either there is little demand at that price, or they're severely undercharging.)

They're also on par with the UR at Shea, with the obvious exception of infield/outfield now.

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