Wednesday, January 06, 2010

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Pictures of the 1978 Mets Yearbook (Part 3)

Right in the front of the 1978 Mets yearbook you'll find this photo.   Duke Snider, Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle all at Shea.  Amazin'   I've occassionally looked for more pictures of this day and haven't found too many (send 'em if you got em)

What's amazin' is that in 1977 the Mets had just 15 years under their belt and could figure out a way to have an Old Timer's Day.  In modern times we're told it's too hard - as if it's somehow going to be harder to get Ed Kranepool to come by than it was to get three of the upper pantheon of players (sorry Duke) to show up.

What was the highlight of 2009?  Arguably it was Nolan Ryan showing up.  Nolan played in modern times, he has money - so it wasn't that that stopped him from coming.  If Ryan will show up so will Joel Youngblood.   Moving on...

How about that Lee Mazzilli?

Once again I let you down and post a picture sideways, but here's what happens when you trade Seaver and have to publish a yearbook.   You hype the new guys.  Don't worry you're not missing much.

A few more stray shots tomorrow.

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