Saturday, January 16, 2010

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Mets Yearbook: 1969 (Vintage edition)

Good morning.  Seems quiet in Flushing, and today is supposed to be redesign day (redesign night actually) so once the coffee kicks in and I clear my daddy duties for the day, away we go.

My DVR tells me "Mets Yearbook 1976" is coming soon.  That should be fun.  In the meanintime, here's some material from the films SNY is using to fuel Mets Yearbook.  Let's call this one "Mets Yearbook 1969."

1969 Mets Highlight Reel from Brad S on Vimeo.

Osh41 did send me a ton of pictures from the Mets fans gathering, I will post those and Peter's as soon as we move to the new place.  As a reader, expect that at some point you come to the site this weekend and it looks different.  Other than that, should be smooth sailing.  I'm using a web design company called Minaya-Wilpon and supposedly they are the best.

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