Sunday, January 17, 2010

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Most Popular Articles On Mets Police (January 17)


As I wait on the site redesign (more on that below) here's this week's list of most popular and deserved better:

The new 2010 Mets batting practice caps have been released.

Here's some Jason Bay t-shirts at Modell's.

Check out this photoshop, I didn't know the BCS champions played at Shea Stadium.

I think this idea for Mets Home Run Derby is a winner.

I think the Mets' biggest problem is that Fans Don't Believe

These pics of the commissioner's office are pretty cool.

I floated an idea that we get together on Opening Day.  Folks seem to dig it.

Osh41 gave another good Mets uniform history lesson.

Still time to weigh in on the 5 Greatest Mets

Remember before Beltrangate we cared about McGwire and Costas.  Yahoo picked this one up.

The list of Mets traditions is unimpressive.

Pictures of the 1986 Tickertape parade, which did not feature John Smoltz wearing a 1986 Mets jacket.

Banner Day, 1978 and a decent rant.

The 1978 Yearbook Part 1Part 2Part 3

Mr. Met, Pedro and my mom is a great read and always a popular item.

I want to go to a game with David Howard.  Really, and I'll be nice,

There's been a fair amount of Ticket Office anecdotes lately

Still popular:  Dan wrote a letter to the Mets, and the Mets responded.  Great read.

Always popular:

Resdesign Watch: I'm just sitting tight waiting for computer companies to do their thing.  You may swing by and find the site "down", looking weird/dead or looking very very very basic and making you wonder why I started....depends on when the computers do their thing and if I happen to notice quickly.  I'm pretty sure they are waiting until I have staff meetings at real-job on Tuesday to make the switch.

To that point, several of you have sent me cool items for posting.  As I have emailed you, I'm holding them until we get to the new MP.  Thanks for your patience.

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