Sunday, January 17, 2010

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The new Brooklyn Cyclones logo

The other day Amazin' Avenue got this fun dig in (I think it's funny)

The Cyclones have designed a new logo. It is reminiscent of the Brooklyn Dodgers. I can't wait to read Mets Police's 20 post series in response to the lack of Met history.

With the site redesign (construction update here) planned for this weekend I don't know if I can knock off twenty posts, but Media Goon was kind enough to write the first one.

First I would like to say Shannon should be quite happy with the design. There is no black anywhere on the logo.

However, just to annoy him the Cyclones will be wearing black hats.

I actually like the 10th anniversary logo. It shows the silhouette of the Cyclone in it and the former Astroland Park. Before the Cyclones were in Coney Island ten long years ago, the only reason to go out there was to see the Cyclone, go to Nathan's for July 4th's hot dog eating contest, and the Mermaid Parade. I always liked the colors of the single a team because it set them apart from their major league parent in Queens. As for the Brooklyn part of the logo in script, this is where if Wilpon wants to remember the Dodgers he can do it. All Brooklyn Dodgers references that are at Citi Field should be moved to Keyspan Park. So the fact that the Cyclones pay homage to the Dodgers does not irk me one bit. 

Now if the Cyclones decided they wanted to go for the natural off white jerseys I might be upset. What team in their right mind would want to go to a color that looks like their jerseys were left in the wash with some diluted bleach. OOPS!!! nevermind.....

Thanks Goon, I just took a look at the new logo and I'm fine with it.  I'm going to throw Amazin Avenue a curveball and complain that the Cyclones are ignoring their own history as the Queens Kings (not to mention the St. Catherine's Stompers).

I still maintain my life-long dream: when this site makes me a billion dollars I am buying the Cyclones and moving them to Los Angeles.

Construction Update:  if you're reading this and the site looks the same, then we're still here.  This is like waiting for Jason Bay to sign isn't it?  Sorry for the continued mentions, I just want to warn everyone that the site might not be available for a few hours at some point this week.

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