Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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My holiday gift from the Mets arrived on January 19th


I don;t know what to make of this one.  I got some mail from the Mets yesterday, so I was pleased.

They sent me this cool framed photo.  It looks much better in real  life, I knocked it out quickly on the iphone (Mrs. Mets Police was looking to hang out last night).

Also in the package was this letter (yes I'm a jerk and took a sideways photo and am not smart enough to rotate in 90 degrees).  Tilt your head.

Happy Holidays?  This arrived on January 19th.

Last week, Media Goon told me that he got the same package.   I had been holding off on writing about it (and a bunch of other stuff like "5 greatest Mets", Jay Horwitz, and photos from the fan gatherings) because I am waiting for the behind the scenes webstuff that I've been mentioning to take hold, but now that I got the package too I bet many Mets fans have.

Clearly this was designed as an end of year gift.

1.  The mail service stinks.  The Mets sent this out weeks and weeks ago and the postal service let them down and now my poor Mets look foolish.

2.  These were designed as gifts for season ticket renewers, maybe even just full, and now they have extras so they are making their way down the list.  Under my theory, ticket sales are down that they've gone through the "active" list and are now working on the "recent" list.  Media Goon is active, I am not.

Who knows, but I thought it was odd.  Regardless, I like the photo.

Speaking of tickets - the football Giants called my kid again to see if he wants tickets.  I had put his name on the list the day after the NYG's won the Super Bowl.   I missed the call, but it's interesting to me that they are taking another run at him.   The Jets are due to flirt with us again, they have done so six times and we're not even on their list.

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1 Response to "My holiday gift from the Mets arrived on January 19th"
Ceetar said :
January 20, 2010 at 9:41 AM
When they pushed back the renewal date it probably screwed with their plans to send the gift. Probably just an oversight that they didn't reprint a new letter.

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