Saturday, January 09, 2010

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Name a Mets tradition


Been floating this one on twitter @metspolice

Name a Mets tradition

We all know the jokes, let's skip those...looking for Mets traditions.  The franchise is going to be a half-century old.  There's must be some traditions by now, right?

One I can think of is that the players come out on "Closing Day" and thank the fans.

What else?   Comment here or twitter @metspolice

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2 Responses to "Name a Mets tradition"
asu89 said :
January 9, 2010 at 9:47 AM
Chief, the Mets had traditions, things like Old Timers' Day and Banner Day, but those meant things like work and doubleheaders...those are fan friendly things...and these are the Mets, so lets' be serious. The only real tradition that the Mets have at this point is, that they do everything possible to continually make themselves the butt-end of more jokes. They can't even be caught wearing their own uniforms, or celebrating their own teams. Unless you want to count playing Lazy Mary in the 7th inning stretch...this team HAS NO traditions. Ownership does everything it can to stop them.
Dan said :
January 9, 2010 at 10:57 PM
They had one where the home opener was always a day game, until the crappy schedule forced a night game last year. Because the Padres were coming from the West Coast after playing on Sunday, MLB wouldn't let the Mets play on Monday afternoon. So they were given the choice of Monday night or Tuesday afternoon. Wanting the flexibility in case of rain and not wanting to affect the welcome home lunch (or whatever they call it; another tradition, too) on Tuesday, they went with Monday night.

There's also the horseshoe bouquet of flowers presented on Opening Day and No. 24. They haven't retired it, but they have refrained from assigning it to anyone, with two exceptions. Kelvin Torve had it for 10 days in August 1990, and I don't know why that was. And then they allowed Rickey Henderson to wear it because 1) I believe he originally wore it for Willie in the first place, and 2) by the time he was a Met, Rickey was considered a legend (as in future Hall of Famer), so he fit the qualifications, such as they were.

I may come up with more...

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