Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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No call from the Mets ticket office?


Remember last week Mets Police had a few stories of folks who want to give the Mets money?!

These people not only want to renew their seats they asked to upgrade their plans aka give the Mets MORE money.

The word was that the Mets were going to start working on upgrades on Wednesday. That's today! It's 7pm and Media Goon hasn't gotten his call yet. This is after he has called them several times over the past few weeks and been told to wait til today for a call.

Are there really that many upgrades that they didn't get to him today? Did Seaver unretire and turn 30? What are we as fans missing here?

New topic: if you find yourself out at Citi this week at one of these fan things they have been having, bring a camera. We welcome all pictures at

I'm interested in this Citi Field Kids thing they did today. What was it? Was it a secret? Maybe I stink at what I do but Mets Blog and google don't. They usually catch stuff like this.

If I own a team and I'm doing something nice with kids I would publicize it - even to annoying thorn in my side bloggers. Mets, and by Mets I mean suits, I'd like to be your friend and write about the good things too, but I can't do it if you don't tell me about them.

Another new topic: now that Francesca is safe haven for the Mets, I wonder if the Yankees care that they don't get to have theirbown turn at fluff interview of the week. Especially if you think about the TV version of the show and where it airs.

Mets PR department I'm here if you need me. Just add to the distribution list. Oh, and tell someone in tickets to call Media Goon. He'd like to move down.

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davidj said :
January 14, 2010 at 7:42 PM
I actually called my rep Tuesday, and I owe her a call back. She did assure me that she was working and had not forgotten me, and although she did not have my requests exactly right, she did sound like she was under a lot of pressure. I'm guessing this is more of a Mets org issue than a "ticket agents don't care about the fans" issue.

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