Friday, January 15, 2010

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Tickets: comparing Big Apples and Oranges but...


I have no idea how Mets ticket sales are going (they still haven't called Media Goon back, that's the guy who wants to upgrade and spend more money) but here's the Dodgers (a team that made the playoffs the past two seasons) talking about theirs:

The Dodgers sold 23,900 season tickets last year, club president Dennis Mannion said today. They have sold 20,700 so far this year, he said, with customers facing a Friday renewal deadline.
"My concern is the number of unpaid accounts that haven't canceled," Mannion said at baseball's quarterly owners' meetings in Phoenix.

From LA Times

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1 Response to "Tickets: comparing Big Apples and Oranges but..."
media goon said :
January 15, 2010 at 3:36 PM
They got back to me today at 2:35 pm. I asked them if they had a lot of tickets available. The rep I was talking to told me they opened up more locations that ticket holders didn't renew. I can't remember all the sections but they are basically 4 more then just the promenade, promenade reserve, promenade box, and left field landing on the NY Mets website.

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