Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Cat Runs On Mets Citi Field: Reminder Of 1969 Mets vs. Cubs

As I talk to adult males in their 20's who don't remember the Mets winning a World Series, I realize these darn kids don't know a thing about anything before Bobby Valentine managed the team

Snopes tells the story of the first cat far better than I can...

The talented 1969 Chicago Cubs team built a large lead over the rest of the National League (East) by August - over 10 games at one point - but went into a tailspin in the final month of the season. In September, the Cubs' slide began while playing the Mets in Shea Stadium in New York. Early in one of the games, a black cat ran onto the field ... and went right over in front of the Cubs dugout where he stared manager Leo Durocher right in the face.

The Cubs lost that night, and the downfall had begun ...

And that kids, is why it was really really cool that an orange(ish) (color of the Mets) cat showed up on Monday night.
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