Monday, November 23, 2009

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Top New York Turkeys Mets Of All Time (Part One)

As Turkey Week begins, we celebrate the great Mets turkeys of all time.   Those who promised greatness and gave us nothing.  One of the great things about having had the blog now for some time is that I can (being honest) reuse some one and two are from 2008, however 2009 was a great year for turkeys so we'll have some new additions...and if you'd like to suggest some email me at

In no particular order, here are some of the great Mets Turkeys...

Generation K:  I think it was best put by a friend of mine (whose brain I picked for this article) who said "Pulsipher, Isringhuasen and The Other Guy."   Yep, these three pitchers were going to dominate the 1990s.  Izzy had a decent career somewhere else, Pulse was a mess, and you're still trying to remember the other guy's name.   At least Generation K weren't saddled by horrible black uniforms for this picture.

Kaz Matsui:  The Yankees have a Matsui, we should get one too!   This was the height of the Japanese obsession where the Mets would sign Shinjo and "The Japanese Greg Maddux" rather than get the real guys.

Speaking of the Japanese Greg Maddux, I will tell you his name Thursday to (a) torture you and (b) give myself a generic post I can write on Wednesday night so I don't have to blog over turkey.

Bobby Bonilla.   We've covered this many times.   Great with Bonds, horrible with Mets.   One of the most hated Mets of all time, so what do the Mets do?  They bring him back for a second time so we can boo him more.  He didn't make it to the final game at Shea.

Joe Foy.   You don't know who he is.   He's the Bobby Bonilla of 1970.  You kids won't believe it now but the Mets could never find a good third-baseman, so they traded for one.   He hit .236.   The player they gave up was Amos Otis who played until 1984 and went to the playoffs numerous times for the Royals.  Foy was done after 1971.

Roberto Alomar.   At one point he was a lock for the Hall of Fame.  It was plausible that he was going to be the greatest second baseman of all-time.  He hit .336 with 20 and 100 in the pre-steroids 2001.   In 2002 he joins the Mets and .266 with 11 home runs.   Robby fell so far he wond up on the Long Island Ducks

Tomorrow, part two!

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