Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Interesting story about the new Mets uniforms


Again, I remind all this is a fanblog not 60 Minutes.

As the story goes, there was a faction inside Metsdom that wanted to issue the retros without the black dropshadow so that they would be true retro, not a marketing ploy.

The marketing folks vetoed it because supposedly the fans like black.   I've heard anecdotes of this before.

So I went to the shop on mlb.com and typed in Mets.  Saw a link for "best sellers" on the bottom, and here's the list as it was at 6pm Sunday night.  I'm not sure it proves anything one way or another...the throwback and McCartney items are new..I guess people are buying black t-shirts, but the fleece is blue, the t is pink, and the cap up top is $10 and a nice stocking stuffer.

By the way, multiple sources tell me that if you walk into the clubhouse store you can get two "throwbacks" for $100.  Also notice that this feed calls it an "alternate" jersey.

Did the marketing folks win out?   Were they right or would a new pink Mets jersey sell just as well if the actual team wore it every third day?

Note:  the below may look weird on your computer, once the feed expires the graphics will be covered by weird boxes, so if that's what you are seeing that's why.  However I wanted to share the feed so you could see with thine own eyes.

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1 Response to "Interesting story about the new Mets uniforms"
Dan said :
December 22, 2009 at 1:38 PM
I think the BP hat is such a big seller b/c it's discounted to $10 b/c they're getting a new design for the caps in 2010. Usually, that hat goes for $30. (I just bought one myself, not b/c of any black, but b/c they're good for running.) And I have that "Cooperstown" therma-base fleece, too. It's outstanding.

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