Friday, January 01, 2010

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Coming Up: Mets yearboks, uniforms, Tug mystery and more


As the site continues to draw in new folks I thought I'd tease some of the things coming up.  I've been a busy beaver with some extra free time around the holidays.  But first...

In case you're wondering (I don't want to bog the blog down on this) - Mets Police did make it to 250,000 visits for the year (250,700+) and again one more round of thanks to Metsblog for linking to the 1986 tickertape parade pix and its sequel story about the pennants and thanks to the regular readers and twitter folks who hooked me up with links and retweets.   

Flipping the calendar to 2010 here's what's coming up:

- Osh41 promised he'd take some photos of his jersey collection.  He says he has a version of the Neil Allen one.  I'm hoping he'll take a pic of his Red Sox Seaver jersey which I say is a Jeff Reardon jersey (no name on back).   He's daydreaming about starting a "Mets jerseys" blog but he's too lazy - good idea though, no?  

- I'm going to sniff around this Tug McGraw Mitchell & Ness mystery.  Did Tug wear #56?  Did the Mets wear numbers that large?   I'm going to wind up opening up the MLB style guide and that will undoubtedly lead to multiple posts about uniforms.  I'm not linking to it here because if I do I'll wind up sucked in before I read the papers.

I'll be going through old (below) I started on the 1982 yearbook and when we finish that we'll look at 1983 and 1978....on the left that's Mets manager Joe Torre from 78.  Torre was a lousy manager, and I couldn't wait to get rid of him.   

Another round of "alternate caps" kicks off tonight, next week we'll look at Mets Couches, thats couch as in sofa and not a typo of coach, and some more great Share Your Shots where you send in your Mets photos to     

Your ticket invoice was due yesterday.  If you didn't send it in you are now ticketless.  Stressed?  I'll be curious to see what happens now.   I haven't done my homework on it but I had an idea yesterday that they should sell "Saturday Sevens" smaller packs.   Get the people in the building and they might become fans.

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2 Responses to "Coming Up: Mets yearboks, uniforms, Tug mystery and more"
January 1, 2010 at 11:56 AM
If the Mets offered a Saturday seven pack, I'd probably go for it. I expect to have to pay face price or higher for weekend tickets on StubHub this year due to lower supply.
Dan said :
January 1, 2010 at 6:37 PM
During a sale this summer, I bought a Red Sox home jersey (no name on those, natch) with #41 on it. It's Victor Martinez's now, but I consider it a Seaver, too.

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