Friday, January 01, 2010

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Pictures of the 1982 New York Mets Yearbook (Part 1)

Happy New Year!  This morning we take a look back to the 1982 Mets yearbook.   By George we got it!   George Bamberger has a good baseball pedigree, and George Foster recently hit 50+ home runs for the Reds without taking steroids!

The blue, orange and you pinstriped look was getting a little shaky by the early 80's...the nameplates added some ugliness.

I like this blue uniform look.  Since sales is an issue with the black jerseys (our first of many black uniform complains of the new year), why not retire them and sell blue ones in 2011?

Here's a young fellow named Wally Backman.  If I didn't stink at taking pictures his face wouldn't be obscured by glare.

Kids, you know that scary Mike Scott fellow from the 1986 Astros.  He was a Met once, and he wasn't very good.   Yes, this is the same man.

That's it for the yearbook today - more from 1982 tomorrow, and more Mets stuff throughout the day on the normal morning/noon/afternoon/night schedule!

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