Friday, January 08, 2010

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Guest Post: no such thing as "first ballot" Hall of Famer

A guest post that needs no set-up.  Take it away, Tom!   

Two for the New Year:

1)       Anytime Rod Gilbert can be involved in anything, it is a fine thing.  He has probably been the most decent and classy athlete in this town, and has been around longer than any other.  Since arriving in 1960, he has never left, becoming an activeambassador for the Rangers and hockey ever since.  So, you might think it was bizarre to have him at the Bay press conference, but I actually called a few people whom I knew would get a smile out of that.  I believe it is part of the effort to get the Winter Classic, and why not?  If it is done here, the Rangers should be the host as an Original Six team, like they did last year at Wrigley (Hawks-Wings).  The Rangers actually should have played the Bruins last week, not the Flyers.  I’d bring in the Canadiens or the Maple Leafs to play them, not the Islanders.  The game will sell out as all the previous ones have, not due to the teams involved, but because it is an event, which caters to the “event staff” crowds we now have at all sports venues (Constantly on their cell phones telling people they are at the game, as if that made the game any better.)

2)       You’re site does say (and frankly anyone else), so I’d begin 2010 be calling out the baseball writers who will do their yearly pathetic job of denying obvious men of their status as Hall of Famers.  The BBWAA does such a pathetic job, its hard to even begin.  But since they are the media (and unaccountable at all, for any nonsense they spew), they do not get proper scrutiny.  A few items, one, no one has ever been voted unanimously – please – do I need to give the list of 40-50.  Two, there are rarely more than 2 inductees voted by the writers, though their ballot can hold 10 names – disgraceful.  In studying this for about 30 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that about 40% of the writers know what a Hall of Famer is.  Today, my guess is Dawson gets in, along with one new guy, I’m guessing Larkin, with Blyleven creeping closer to a 14th or 15th year induction.  By the way, one Jack Morris stat that the Bill James youth never mention is 175 complete games, which partly explains his high ERA, the supposed reason he gets light support.  He stayed in games when he had a big lead, saving the bullpen.  Since 1980, no one is close to Morris CG number (Clemens-118).  One other thing, how is it that writers will question Edgar Martinez, because he didn’t play the field, in spite of the fact that they rarely even consider fielding when voting for the Hall? (Brooks Robinson, Ozzie and who else?)

Good luck in the New Year, kid,

P.S.. I despise the DH too, but fair is fair.

P.S.S.  There is no such as a so-called “First ballot Hall of Famer.”  When you retire, you are or you are not a Hall of Famer.  This is a lame term created by sportswriters sometime in the late 80’s/early 90’s, ostensibly to disguise their own ineptitude in voting practices.  The job of the voter is ‘YES” or “NO,” not when I feel like it.   

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